Selecting funeral merchandise is on of the most important steps when arranging a funeral service. The casket or urn you choose to hold your loved one’s remains is the final place that they will rest. We are proud to offer beautiful, high-quality funeral products to families.

Reflections Scatter Tubes


This beautiful range of durable, dignified and simple Scattering Tubes comes in different designs and is suitable for interment, ashes scattering or as a keepsake. The wide range of designs offers something to suit every taste and the range of sizes makes them suitable for split, token or keepsake ashes, as well as full ashes. As these tubes do not contain any metal or plastic these are easily recyclable and compostable after use, making them an environmentally friendly option to commemorate your loved one.


Each of these scattering tubes features a convenient removable lid and a perforated ‘push in’ tab that opens easily prior to scattering. The scattering tubes are available in four different sizes.


Standard – 37 cm in height by 13cm in width, holding 3790ml ashes (suitable for 1 adult).


Small – 25cm in height by 11cm width, holding 1860ml ashes (suitable for splitting ashes – will hold 50%).


Mini – 13.5 cm in height by 7.5cm in width, holding 380ml ashes (suitable for token scattering).


Keepsake – 9cm in height by 3.5cm in width, holding 65ml ashes (suitable for keepsakes or jewellery).


Speak to one of our friendly funeral arrangers to personalise these scatter tubes with a name or message.