Selecting funeral merchandise is on of the most important steps when arranging a funeral service. The casket or urn you choose to hold your loved one’s remains is the final place that they will rest. We are proud to offer beautiful, high-quality funeral products to families.



The Buckingham casket from our traditional range is made using FSC certified veneers and solid wood. Designed with decorative panels to the sides and ends, fluted croner pillars and split swing statesmen raised lid; our caskets are made individually by a dedicated master craftsman  ensuring the highest standards. This solid traditional casket is polished in a medium mahogany high gloss finish and fitted with handles to the sides. This wooden casket is a fitting tribute and can be used for both traditional and above the ground burials as well as cremation services in the UK. If you have any questions, please call us. One of our funeral arrangers will be happy to assist you with your funeral arrangements.